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  Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.            When is the auction and how long is it?             

A.          The Radio Auction is 18 excitement-packed hours running 8 am to 5 pm on Thursday and again on Friday. 
The Radio Auction will be broadcast live and can be heard through the listen live links on each auction page.

Q.            How do I bid on an auction item?

A.            We encourage you to view the Radio Auction items on this website for the most up-to-date information.  It will have the day and time each item will be introduced for bid.  Simply call 625-2578 or 1-800-569-0144 and place your bid on the items you want to purchase.  Our bid takers will record your bid along with your name and (very important) a phone number where you may be reached approximately one hour after the auction item has been “closed out”.

Q.            Can I bid on an auction item if I'll be out of town?

A.            If you'd like to bid on an item, but you'll be out of town or otherwise unavailable during the auction, use our online bid registration to submit your maximum bid.  Just fill the registration on the special Bid Now page, and we'll take care of the rest.  We will contact you to confirm the high bid.  You may even win your item at less than your maximum bid!

Q.            How do I know if my bid is the highest?

A.         As in any auction items  will be sold to the highest bidder.  First the item will be introduced on the air.  After the item has received a number of bids we will announce that  the item will now be “closed out”.  The announcers will indicate the current bid on the item at the time it is “closed out”.  IMPORTANT:   when an item is “closed out” it simply means our announcers will no longer be talking about the item on the air.  LISTENERS MAY STILL BID ON THE ITEM AFTER IT HAS BEEN CLOSED OUT. 

Our Confirming Department will attempt of contact the THREE HIGHEST bidders.  This is why it is so important to provide the Bid Takers the correct phone number where you may be reached approximately one hour after the item has been closed out.  If you are one of the three highest bidders, our Bid Confirmer will make every effort to contact you to inform you of the current bid and will give you the opportunity to enter the highest bid.

This process will continue (by phone) until there is the highest bidder is determined.   

CAUTION:     Please do not assume if you place a single bid on an item that our Confirmation Department will contact you after the item has been closed out.  You may not be one of the TOP THREE HIGHEST BIDDERS.  To maximize your chances of winning an auction item we recommend placing your HIGHEST bid during the live Auction or  immediately after the item has been “closed out”.  When placing your bid you may request that our Confirmation Department contact you prior to selling the item. 

Q:         How do I pay for my items?

A.         The most convenient way for our winning bidders to pay for their items is by credit card.  We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover.  This allows you to pay for your items without having to leave your home, place of business or car phone.  Listeners preferring to pay by cash or check may do so by stopping by Eagle Radio at 2300 Hall Street in Hays.   ITEMS MUST BE PAID FOR THE DAY OF THE AUCTION.   Each item purchased during the Eagle Radio Auction will have a 2% processing fee added to the total.

Q:         If I am the high bidder, how may I claim my items?

A:         Within 7-10 days of receiving payment, our Accounting Department will mail your gift certificate which contains the description and price of the item.  Simply take your receipt to the business to claim your item.  Please pay close attention to any Expiration Dates listed on the gift certificate.

Q:         Can I return my item if I am not satisfied?

A:         All Radio Auction items are sold AS IS.  PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING ON THE ITEM.  All items may be viewed at participating businesses prior to the Auction.  Eagle Communications, Inc. is not liable for any warranty or representation not expressly set forth in the item description.  Descriptions are provided by the businesses providing the item.  Some restrictions or exclusions may apply.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.   NO RETURNS , REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.   Items sold have NO CASH VALUE and may NOT be used to pay any Accounts Receivable.           

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